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What production scenarios does your company struggle with?

At CNC TAKTTIME USA, our goal is to help you achieve TAKTTIME. Managing a continuous work flow can be challenging. It's difficult to meet demand, but the heartbeat of your CAD/CAM and production department can make or break a company. 

With our consulting service, we come alongside and help you to understand where you are losing out on optimizing your processes. 

  • Are you getting optimal productivity from your CAD/CAM department?
  • Does it take longer than expected to program and produce each part or project?
  • Is hand-editing being done to the CNC programs?
  • Are your set-up sheets automated?
  • Are you efficiently using templates and automating repetitive tasks to reduce programming times?
  • Are your set-ups taking longer than you’d expect?
  • Is communication efficient and correct between programmers and the shop floor?
  • Do you feel there is an “us vs. them” attitude between the programming department and shop-floor?
  • Do you manufacture several similar parts and, if so, are you taking advantage of family part programming and generic programs?
  • Are you taking advantage of efficiencies with 3D programming to allow you to set up a job in 2 or 3 set-ups rather than 6 or 7?

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